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Upcoming Performance Dates

2017 Performance Dates

WebSlide 2015

June 14th (Wed.) Concert in Park - Anthem Highlands (6:00-8:00) - Windom Loop, Broomfield, CO
June 17th (Sat.) Private Event - Denver, CO
June 30th (Fri.) Q's Pub and Grille (9:00-close) - Littleton, CO
July 1st (Sat.) Private Event - Evergreen, CO
July 14th (Fri.) Private Event - Denver, CO
August 5th (Sat.) Outdoor Concert, (8:00-10:30) - Littleton, CO
September 8th (Fri.) Private Event - Lyons, CO
September 15th (Fri.) Private Event - Evergreen, CO
September 16th (Sat.) Private Event - Larkspur, CO
September 22nd (Fri.) Private Event - Denver, CO
September 30th (Sat.) Dynamite Days - (7:00-9:00) - Idaho Springs, CO
October 1st (Sun.) Private Event - Longmont, CO
October 21st (Sat.) Q's Pub and Grille (9:00-close) - Littleton, CO
November 11th (Sat.) Little Bear Saloon (9:00-close) - Evergreen, CO
December 2nd (Sat.) Q's Pub and Grille (9:00-close) - Littleton, CO
December 16th (Sat.) Private Event - Loveland, CO

2018 Performance Dates
January 19th (Fri.) Private Event - Denver, CO