HomeSlice turns weddings and corporate events into epic dance party celebrations!

-Most Recent Winner of #1 Local Band for CO: Denver A-List

-Best CO Wedding Band Editor’s Choice: Brides CO

-Best CO Wedding Band Editor’s Choice: WeddingRule

This is one of the biggest days of your lives, and we take it very serious.  We will take time to discuss your vision.  You are working directly with the musicians and emcee of the group eliminating the possibility of any potential miscommunication when using a middle person.  HomeSlice is a steady band that has the same musicians gigging with each other time after time to develop a high level of musical cohesion that results in a tight and polished performance.  Our bookers (bass player and sax player of the band) make themselves available for you whether you have a question or just need some advice.  If you have a wedding planner or event coordinator, we welcome working with them as well.

HomeSlice utilizes a state-of-the-art digital sound system and lighting equipment which is run by our dedicated engineer.  The sound system accommodates most any size of events, rooms and outdoor spaces. Our sound engineer ensures that the music level is at an appropriate level based on the size of the room so everyone will have a great time.  We provide wireless microphones for announcements if you need them.  You are certainly welcome to provide your own emcee.  However, HomeSlice is happy to emcee and to help the flow of events at no extra cost.

We have years of experience with “reading the crowd”, making minor song changes on the fly keeping the dance floor packed and providing your guests a great time.  We generally combine multiple songs together as a non-stop medley to keep the dancing going.  We’ll provide you a list of songs and ask which songs you prefer, or do not prefer, and we’ll take it from there.  If your song request isn’t already in our music library, we’ll learn it and have it ready to rock for your big day.  Feel free to contact us for more details.  We provide a single source solution for your full day.  When you hire HomeSlice for your event or reception, you have the option to add ceremony music, dinner music, and cocktail hour music with customizable combos for any selection.

The Top 5 Reasons to Hire HomeSlice

1. People are going to LOVE it.
From rave reviews to packed dance floors, we seem to make quite an impression on our clients as well as their guests.  HomeSlice gets the party started and knows how to deliver a high energy celebration!  Our number one priority is always to convert your vision into a dream come true.

2. HomeSlice is a Band with Consistent Members
HomeSlice is a steady, long-term, band with the same musicians gigging together for years, and as a result our performance is polished and professional.  Our members are all Denver area residents, including the bookers (bass player and sax player) that will work with you to make sure your big day is a huge success.  Performing with the same musicians for years reduces variables and has our clients comforted knowing they hired pros that have experience together delivering repeated success.  You can focus on celebrating knowing HomeSlice has you covered.

3. Musician Talent
HomeSlice is full of exceptional musicians with a wealth of performance experience and recognition. We have some members that we recruited from their top musician positions in Las Vegas, and even Australia, while many members have done multiple international tours with major productions and radio play. Many of our musicians are in the Denver Broncos Band with our sax player as the official solo sax player.

4. Musical Selections and Options
We have an extensive selection of songs and genres that will get people of all ages and musical preferences excited.  In addition to hiring HomeSlice for the high energy dance party portion of the night, you can also add ceremony, cocktail hour, or even dinner jazz.  We have it all.

5. Flexibility
HomeSlice knows how to get a party started, yet also knows when to keep it elegant and classy.  If your guests are having conversations during a cocktail hour in a small room, we will perform appropriate to the moment.  However, we do thrive on getting the dancefloor going wild.  Beyond flexibility with respect to performance, HomeSlice is open minded and accommodating to changes as they arise.  We truly believe our band members are good people that are approachable and easy to talk to.  Sometimes event timelines can run a little off schedule, or weather dictates a modification… being flexible is important.  Hiring HomeSlice means you are hiring pros that have you covered so that you can focus on celebrating and visiting with guests while we help deliver an epic day.